I was born in Truckee, California, but spent a few of my High School years on a 110 acre farm just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was there that I picked up a camera and fell in love with photography. I didn't have much to do other than take pictures of the animals I lived with, which has built the foundation for this little business of mine!

I moved to Reno-Tahoe in 2009. While I love the city of Pittsburgh, the Wild West is where my soul thrives. The Sierra Mountain range is like my heart's compass.

I am married to Marcus, who is the absolute love of my life. Our elopement was incredible and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I'll tell you every single detail if you ask.

I have 3 dogs that I would move heaven and earth for. If you follow me on Instagram, I guarantee you already know all about them.

I live for hiking, traveling with my husband, watching hockey, lifting weights with my best friends, rocking out on road trips, and playing street hockey with my dogs.

I'm the happiest on a sunny day, doing mundane chores around my little house with John Mayer blasting and my dogs playing in the backyard.

If you've combed through my website and read this far, you're probably wondering why I give so many shits about your love story. Well, first of all, I'm a Virgo. Like, very painfully Virgo. Second, it's important + fulfilling to me to serve my people. Like I've said before, I want to be friends, and if we hit it off, I will be a loyal wolfdog laying at your feet, ready to find a way to make you the happiest. That's just how I treat all my friendships, new and old.

I'm one of those, do it the right way and don't take shortcuts kind of humans. Don't get me wrong, I'm very chill, but internally I hold myself to a very high standard. I work hard to be a loyal, serving friend. Knowing that I am that for someone fills me up.

Additionally, I am a time keeper. I always have been. Honestly, my memory sucks, so I've always relied on photos to take me back to places I'd otherwise forget. I've tweaked and perfected my style to maintain the original colors of the day, while still staying on-trend. And I firmly believe that there's nothing better than opening up a huge box of old photos and looking through them with a loved one. I want to be the one who takes the photos that you look back on with your future kin. I want to be your time keeper & story teller. It's my life's purpose, really.

Y'all, I'm just going to be real here. I am the Rain Man of travel planning. I've always said that if this photography biz doesn't work out, I can go into the travel industry. I'm relatively well-traveled and I am painfully good at internet research. Marcus and I have been traveling abroad together at least once a year since 2015. I've been traveling since I was young, as I was raised knowing it's important to see and experience other cultures/ways of life in order to find my place in this great, big world. Heck, in order to plan a trip to New Zealand, I combed through many German travel blogs, google maps, books, and even Instagram. And we had the BEST time. That's actually where Marcus proposed!

I am excellent at working within budgets and ensuring that the long ass flight is worth it. I have countless budget airfare apps and I stalk Google Flights like a hawk.

Honestly, the dream for me is to help you plan and then photograph the destination wedding of your dreams.

Take me with you! I swear you won't regret it.

I accidentally trip over myself at least once a photoshoot and I laugh it off. I hope my work attracts those who will laugh with me.

My style is outdoor-focused and raw. If you're down to jump in the lake with your clothes on and makeout in the water, or if you want to hike to a waterfall at sunset and dance on the edge of the alpenglow - I'm here for it. I'm your girl.

I don't believe in over-posing or forced smiles. I want your vulnerable side, your silly side, and your "oh shit" side. I'm here to capture your realest + rawest truths. I want you and your kin to look at your photos from the future and FEEL who you were the moment the photos were taken.

In order to make magic, we all must be intentional with your story.

I want to be valued by my couples more than I want to be successful in this industry because I firmly believe the two go hand in hand. With hat being said, I'm here to be my best self for you. I won't sugar coat and I won't blow smoke up your ass, but I will be your confidant and a key component to your happiness on your day. I'm not just a wedding photographer. I'm a resource, a shoulder to lean on, and a second opinion. As lame as it sounds, I want to be your friend, like really bad. I care so deeply about you, your story, and the memories you come away from your wedding with, and I want you to have everything good in this world. Come to me because you love my style and you trust me to capture a huge day in your life, but also because we work well together as a team.

Mama Pleaser

Third Wheel

Problem Solver

Dance Buddy

Coffee Fetcher

Makeup Fixer

Bouquet Holder
Timeline Mechanic
Adventure Scout
Dog Wrangler
Hype Girl
Tear Catcher
Veil Fetcher
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