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INTIMATE ADVENTURE WEDDING | California Wedding Photographer

Casey + Tandie | Intimate California Wedding | June 28th, 2019

Tandie emailed me exactly a month before her planned wedding day. She had the dress, she had the man, and she had the plan - she just needed a photographer. She told me she and Casey actually didn't originally intend to have a wedding, as all of her family and friends were in Arkansas and Casey's family were all from California and beyond. They aren't people that particularly love big to-do's, so why would their wedding be one?

Just before they contacted me though, they had settled on a day all their own. A Friday night, with a quick ceremony on a vista ridge and a party with good food in their friend's forested backyard. Perfect. And so it was.

They had their dogs, pellet guns, corn hole games, giant Jenga, a cigar bar, and the dopest food I've ever had at their Love Party. Everything was unapologetically them. Tandie and Casey did the cutest thing with the table settings - they put a little clue and everyone had to find their seat based on that clue. All sentimental things, of course.

Since Tandie had contacted me so close to her wedding date, she and Casey opted to use their free adventure session as a "day after" session. A few weeks after the wedding, the 3 of us met at the place they do their most favorite thing together; ride bikes. They showed me around their huge ranch with acres and acres of trails and jumps. The little symbol on their socks and their gear is in memoire of their dear friend Buddy that passed away in a car accident. The little logo is called Goggleman and wearing it keeps them close to Buddy while doing something they love. Super special, right?

After the ranch, they changed into their wedding gear and we went to the Yuba River near Nevada City, California for a little hike and fun. These are some of the best photos I've ever taken.

Tandie and Casey's love is so explosive. They're silly and and genuine and they laugh hard. They're the kind of couples I look for. Their love story is important and I am so, so glad they found and chose me to tell it.

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