• Ali Boundy


Sand Harbor Nevada State Park // June 20th, 2019

Kelly called me from Napa Valley, California on June 18th around 6pm. She found me via an instagram hashtag and clicked the "call" button on my profile. The call came through as a 724 area code, which is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I grew up. Thinking it was my mom calling from a friend's phone or a new number, I answered the Kelly's call way too casually. The second I said "hello" Kelly anxiously dove in.

"Hi! I'm not from around here, but my boyfriend just proposed on our vacation in Napa Valley and we're on our way to Lake Tahoe next. I was wondering if you had time to do some engagement photos for us while we're there. I know it's late notice, I'm sorry!"

Whoa. How gal-dang COOL that she found me from the internet. How rad that she's from where I grew up. I wanted to know everything about her and her fiancé, so I moved some stuff around in my schedule and met them at Sand Harbor State Park sunset 2 days later.

Kelly and Ralph had been traveling California with Kelly's parents when he decided to pop the question. He got down on one knee in the middle of one of the most beautiful wineries - Chimney Rock. Kelly's dad, John, knew it was happening, so he snapped some of the most precious pictures of the proposal. Kelly's mom, Kim, had no idea and she was so surprised and excited, it made the trip that much better for the whole family.

I am so thankful Kelly thought to call me and have engagement photos done in Lake Tahoe. The engagement session was a golden kind of magical:

I learned that they live less than 2 hours from my mom's house and the place I grew up. We talked about their story, their upbringing and how they met. After the session, Kim, John, Kelly, Ralph and I all went to dinner at Caliente Restaurant. We spent hours over delicious Mexican food just chatting about everything. They were so genuinely interested in me, and I in them that I really felt like our connection was solid. I drove home that night on fire, smiling from ear to ear, near tears. I am so grateful I met them. They are some of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met and I am SO STOKED to shoot their urban, winter, Valentines Day wedding in Pittsburgh, PA.

Once again, I am in awe that I get to do this for a living. Making connections like the one I made with them is the best part of all of this. I am so, so lucky.

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