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Lacey + Donn's Elopement // Lake Tahoe, California

Lacey + Donn's Elopement was hands down one of the most authentic weddings I've ever been apart of. From the dress, to the laughs, to the family in attendance, it was everything I've ever wanted for my couples.

I talked with Lacey and Donn for the first time about 2 months before their planned elopement. They live in New Orleans and had planned to wed in Tahoe. They knew originally that they wanted something small, they wanted photography and fun, but they weren't sure how to go about the day. When we talked, I suggested an elopement planning service called The Hytch - whom I had worked with many times before and whole-heartedly believed in. They loved the idea, and contacted them after getting off the phone with me.

We actually didn't need to chat much before the wedding, as The Hytch tends to handle the details of the day and I'm flexible enough to show up and stay for as long as the couple needs me. Lacey and Donn are very laid back people, and they didn't want to make it a big to-do, so they let The Hytch handle the details as well. However, a few weeks before the big day, I was in Greece and I got a text from Lacey in the middle of the night. She had gotten a white wedding dress, had it altered and ready to go, but she really didn't like the way she looked for felt in it and she was worried that if she wore a different color dress, it wouldn't work with the scenery of Lake Tahoe. Boy, was she ever wrong. In that moment, I let her know that it didn't matter what color or shape or size her dress was, that if she loved it and felt good in it, then that's all that mattered. So, she chose the green dress she had been eyeing, and let me tell ya - she f*ckin' wore that dress better than Vera Wang wears Vera Wang.

And so the day was planned and Lacey texted me to meet her at the AirBnB/VRBO they had rented with their families. I arrived with some Starbucks tea (coffee isn't always best when you're on an emotional rollercoaster) and the house was literally perfect. Donn was getting ready in the big house his family, and Lacey was getting ready in the guest house with her sister and niece. Jenna Peterson did an incredible job on Lacey's makeup, and Lacey's sister Brynnen came in real hot with a badass collection of unique earrings. We did a first look with the family, then a really sweet first look with Donn. It was so beautiful, fun and perfectly them.

What their family didn't know, is that Lacey and Donn had secretly planned the set up by The Hytch. They all really thought they were just heading to the beach for a quick little ceremony, no champagne and no beautiful decor or florals. So, when we headed to Skylandia State Park, The Hytch had the set up ready to go.

They were surprised and so, so excited. The ceremony was small, heartfelt, and traditional in only the ways they wanted it to be. The beauty and authenticity of the day just shined through all the smiles.

After typing all of this and reliving this day, I can't stop smiling.

It Takes a Village-

Elopement Style + Set Up: The Hytch

Makeup: Jenna Peterson

Dress: BHLDN

Florals: AWC Company

Arch: Reno Tahoe Vintage Rentals

Location: Skyladia State Park

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