• Ali Boundy


The Redwood Forest in California is ICONIC for many reasons, but it's also the most magical place to marry the love of your life. In an effort to showcase the beauty, two other photographers and myself put together an incredible styled elopement in the Redwoods.

So picture this; 3 photographers with big elopement dreams find a beautiful AirBnB in this magical place, rally a beautiful couple from the internet, rent 2 amazing wedding gowns from a local boutique, and ask a local florist to send us with a bouquet - this is what you get. The most incredible day by the sea.

While this elopement wasn't real, Roni + Cass's love for one another is incredibly real. They're not planning the real deal, yet, but they've taken one another to pick out rings for the future, and they took this shoot soooooo seriously. They got so excited about it, they went to the mall to get some fake rings from Icing for the shoot. We truly could not have asked for a better couple for this.

I've known Roni since I was in middle school. Her soul is so bright and her energy is contagious. We've always stayed friends on social media since, but our lives have crossed in so many very different ways over the last 15 years that I know she's a lifelong friend. Her partner, Cassi is the most fun match to her energy and I couldn't have imagined a better human put on earth for her. Getting to meet Cassi, catch up with Roni and shoot the fake elopement of MY dreams was the most fun way to spend a random weekday.

The AirBnB was tucked on a windy road just off of Highway 1. There are two different places for rent on the property and we rented both. Both of them are chic, thoughtfully decorated and just enough luxury glamping to make you feel like you're truly off-grid.

The 5 of us all met when we arrived and went into seaside town for dinner just after exploring each other's digs. We drank wine on the ocean and shared laughed until it was time for bed.

The next morning, we woke up with the sun and started the hair and makeup process. Once the girls were ready, we utilized the sweet bathtub on Roni and Cassi's side of the property. The steamy vibes were just tooooooooo much to bear.

After they shared a steamy bath and put on their dresses, we headed out for a bridal session. Florals, hat and all. We played in the road, explored lost paths, and most of all Roni and Cassi just leaned into each other and imagined what their real wedding day would be like. The way they hold each other, like they're made of glass was so special. Seeing their love and their comfort with one another through my lens was EVERYTHING.

I feel so lucky to have been included on this little adventure. Getting the opportunity to be creative and spend time with great friends in a beautiful place is the dream.

Photography: Me!

AirBnB: Elk Forest Retreat

Gowns: Moonlight Lace Boutique

Florals: Wild Rose Floral

Hair + Makeup: Better Brighter Blonde

Models: Roni + Cass

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